Saturday, June 8, 2013

Graduations this week

Lots and lots and lots of graduation cookies this week.  A little overwhelming and soooo very time consuming.  

Boxed graduation set--$25 (12 cookies in a gift box, tied with ribbon)

Southeastern High School graduate, headed to Manchester University.  He loves music, and plays soccer.

Penn High School graduate who played rugby.

St Joseph High School graduate, headed to Western Michigan University.  She's a "music theater" major.

I made two large platter of bite size minis to celebrate one daughter graduating from Penn High School and one graduating from Purdue University.  They are both headed to University of Indianapolis in the fall--one for her ungrad degree and the other for her master.  Lovely family.  Ü

Large platter for a Home School graduation party.  Adrianna LOVES cats and music....More and more local families are 'home schooling' in our area.  We have a great public school system, so it's a little hard for me to understand.  Kudos to them for being organized and patient enough to do it themselves.  Ü

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