Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mixed-up platter

I was called by a mom who is the HASA (Home And School Association) president at a local Catholic school.  She had a special request; she wanted a mixed-up platter so she could show the principal and other school officials what I could do for them for their various functions.  Wow, was it A LOT of work.  All of the different colors and designs really added a ton decorating time!  I was pleased with the results, and so was she.

Christmas (Three Wise Men).  I loved how they turned out.  I will have to add them to my Christmas list.  So cute.  I used a tulip cutter for two of the  kings, and a circle for the other.  If I were to do several of the silhouette cookies, I would make a stencil instead of piping it. 

St Valentine's Day

Music--I added a little sugar bling to the single note...

The school mascot--a winged lion.  It would need to go on a much bigger cookie to get the whole design and better detail.

First Communion, Confirmation, Baptism,  Easter, all things Holy.

Teachers Appreciation

Graduation--A mix of full size and mini cookies.

Sports--Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball

I think these were my favorites.  Simple little flowers for perhaps the school volunteers, nurse, lunch ladies???  So many possibilities.

I ended up splitting the one large platter into two smaller ones, so I could better showcase the themes.


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